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A lot of Alberta's watercourses lack signage, and some aren't listed on maps, guidebooks, or within sportfishing regulations. This often leaves citizens unaware of the existence and importance of these small streams.

That's where signage can help!

Fish habitat signage that identifies stream names can bridge this knowledge gap and help anglers interpret and follow fishing regulations. Identifying species at risk areas also helps raise awareness about Alberta's threatened fish species and encourage habitat conservation.

How it works

Once your application is approved, we provide you with a print-ready PDF of your customized stream signage, designed with your stream name(s) and your municipality, community, and/or funder's logo. You are then responsible for the costs and labour involved in printing and installing the signs within a one-year timeframe. You are also responsible for maintaining your signs going forward.

Need help funding your signs? The costs of signs and materials (approximately $300 per sign including printing and installation) can be covered in a variety of ways. Many groups will choose to apply for grants or conduct fundraising efforts to fund this program. Municipalities may be interested in contributing financial or in-kind resources to support sign printing and/or installation.

Municipalities and local partners and Watershed Planning Advisory Councils may provide advice and guidance on site selection, funding, and installation logistics. The Alberta Native Trout Collaborative can also provide guidance and advice to groups interested in getting started on fish habitat signage.

How to Apply

Step 1.
Check this map to ensure that your municipality or community's streams are part of native trout and/or arctic grayling habitat.

Also ensure that no signage of this type currently exists at your locations of interest. If the map doesn't contain data for your community, please proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch shortly!

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